Investor or owner

There are hundreds of prizes
to win, but you want to be the winner in the game you’re in.

Being competitive is part of our team’s dna, don’t be reservedly as we know you want to beat competition on a daily basis as well. Our team will always be your sidekick in real estate transactions. Your solid defense in case you want to attack. Supporting you in making the right decisions, by making use of our cooperative network. We are not your contractor, we’re your partner before, during and after creating a cooperative success. Your boutique companion with an international network.

Leasing and re-negotiation

Leasing a property and to renegotiate an existing lease agreement depends on full focus and teamwork. We can’t change market dynamics, but we can control market attention. Our leasing solution? Remember the druid from Asterix & Obelix, he could make the whole tribe invincible with his magic poison. Well we have don’t have a druid in our team, but we do have the expertise, market knowledge, a clear vision, our extensive network and last but definitely not least: our phone. Of course we believe in optimal leasing solutions and strong property marketing, even more we believe in calling. We’re professional ding dong ditchers; but we’re never running away. We are your in-field eyes and ears as we know what competition is doing.

Sale or
of propertie(s)

Timing and preparation is everything. We combine knowledge and acquaintance for you to make use of the optimal market momentum for both sale and acquisition processes of investment properties. Always having to deal with that inner ‘Colombus’ feeling for discovering your best investment opportunities makes us a great and adventurous partner. A thorough preparation makes a better deal. We can be of help during preparation, via a controlled due diligence trajectory, to a final disposal and/or acquisition. Let’s combine your and our commercial intelligence.

Asset management

Everything you live, love and work for is all about attention on a daily, sometimes even on an hourly basis. To act in your best interest we believe it’s all about understanding your strategic, financial and personal objectives. Our focus is on both institutional and private investors, you bring your beloved assets, we bring our expertise and make sure your assets stand out in their local markets and we connect them with the best occupiers. We are a pro-active partner that together with you starts the journey from an underwriting and acquisition to creating the asset optimization from both a commercial and technical angle after acquisition.

As we are true real estate junkies we focus on great care for your assets and in case needed we hook you up with the finest service providers to be of assistance, as we are a collective. Being a boutique real estate partner you never have to fear conflicts of interest or difficulties in getting in contact with us (yes, we’ll pick up our phones). In close cooperation with you all eyes are on a future proof and sustainable solution for (y)our portfolio. Asset management for us is more than making sure your assets are in good hands, we want you to experience the freedom of not having to think about your portfolio on a daily basis and spend more time in growing or strengthening your portfolio.