No individuals and a lot of fun, simply us open for a strong and fruitful cooperation with you.

At Bridgegap we want to share our talents and long term accumulated expertise to achieve marvelous results with and for you. We work together, and when you call us, - drumroll -, you get us. Bridgegap was founded in 2019 by two energetic partners (and friends), both with over 15 years of experience and an insatiable love for logistics real estate. Our team members all learned it throughout the impetuous though instructive economic crisis. A special thanks goes out to our former tutors at CBRE, DTZ Zadelhoff, Cushman & Wakefield and Wientjens.

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Henk-Jan Verweij

“As a proud Rotterdam citizen, Henk-Jan believes in ‘a stronger through effort’ approach and feels that being humble is the easiest way to show interest in other people. An experienced logistics real estate generalist with a great feeling for deal momentum. Sometimes a little bit too easy going, but don’t be surprised (or disappointed) if within a split second he shares with you one of his creatives thoughts (or bad word play). Always in search of an impactful and empathic cooperation. Give him a stage and he rips the mic, loves to pitch.”

P+31 6 12 49 13

Please note that Henk-Jan has a family, one boy, two girls and a great wife. Take a good look when around in Rotterdam on a Saturday at the Binnenrotte market, he is probably wearing a hoodie, his son and a bag of vegetable and fruit. Additionally Henk-Jan is an amateur beat-maker with no audience and his biggest hero is Dr. Dre.

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Dennis van Gijtenbeek

“Born and raised The Hague with a healthy portion of ‘The Hague bluff’ and educated (and living) in Rotterdam with a ‘less talk more action’ mentality, Dennis is a gentleman who people tend to find bold but yet so polite. A full focus on clients results and a true junkie (only) for logistics real estate transactions. Give him a phone, he gets you to the table. Proven in-field experience and a great networker, yet always low-profile, you’ll never catch him bragging. If you do, just call us and you win a washing machine.”

P+31 6 12 09 48 88E

Please note that Dennis has a family, two boys, two girls and an awesome wife. Be on the lookout when around in Rotterdam, you might bump into them at the Witte de With straat, the Euromast Park or at the skate park with his kids performing leg-breaking shenanigans. Additionally Dennis is an amateur boxer with tournament experience and his biggest hero is Mike Tyson.


Dennis van Gijtenbeek

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Henk-Jan Verweij

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