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Our aim is a strong and profitable cooperation. By sharing our talents and long accumulated knowledge and expertise, we want to achieve outstanding results. We work together; when you call, we pick up! In 2019 Bridgegap was founded by two energetic business partners and friends, passionate about logistics and real estate, and with over 15 years of experience. With our dedicated team of specialists we offer innovative solutions and go the extra mile, enabling you to excel, project after project.
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Henk-Jan Verweij

As a proud resident of Rotterdam Henk-Jan is a man of action rather than words. An experienced logistics real estate generalist with a great feeling for deal momentum. Yet, at all times, having his clients’ best interests at heart. Sometimes he might be a little too easy going but don’t be surprised (or disappointed) if, within a split second, he shares one of his creatives thoughts, or bad word plays with you. Give him the floor and he’ll grab the mic. Henk-Jan is a true pitch master, always in search of a strong and impactful cooperation.

P+31 6 12 49 13

Personal note
Henk-Jan is married and father of one boy and two girls. Take a good look when around at the Binnenrotte market in Rotterdam on a Saturday. He is probably wearing a hoodie, caring his son and a bag of veggies and fruit. Additionally Henk-Jan is an amateur beat-maker with, unfortunately, no audience. His greatest hero is Dr. Dre.

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Dennis van Gijtenbeek

Born and raised in The Hague, Dennis studied in Rotterdam and has been living in this ‘less talk more action mentality’ city since 2003. He is a true logistics and real estate transactions junkie, with full focus on clients’ results. Give him a phone and he’ll get you to the table. Dennis is a born dealmaker with a proven track record in logistics. He is also an excellent networker, yet always keeping a low-profile. He is not one to boast, however should you see him do so, just call us and you’ll win a washing machine!

P+31 6 12 09 48 88E

Personal note
Dennis is married and father of two boys and two girls. When around in Rotterdam, be on the lookout, you might bump into them in the Witte de With straat, at the Euromast Park or at the skate park, where the kids are displaying their daredevil tricks. Dennis is also a skilled amateur boxer, his greatest hero is Mike Tyson.

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Daan Ciolina

Actually Daan is the only one, within our company, whose roots lie in real estate as his grandfather was a contractor, thus real estate and entrepreneurship caught his interest at an early stage. In addition to Daan's work at Bridgegap, he and his two brothers have their own real estate development company that specializes in renovating unique houses in Rotterdam and if you are in need of a pizza oven, Daan is also your man! He is a social animal, always to be found with friends or family in and around Rotterdam, but how could it be otherwise with Italian roots.

P+31 6 23 17 81

Personal note
Daan lives together with his girlfriend in Hillegersberg. Being a soial animal, he is always to be found amongst friends and family and whether you are in need of a pizza oven, want to know the place to be in Rotterdam or are looking for honest (food) review, Daan is your man! How could this be any different given his Italian roots. And, by the way, should you be stuck in a traffic, keep your eyes on a Renault Twizzy as he will drive by with a huge smile on his face.


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