Finding your best real estate solution is all about creating a daily base of operations that supports your strategic goals.

At Bridgegap we always strive to give you clear, transparent and vigorous answers to your real estate questions. Advice without fiddling scientificity, just an answer to your question and a solution for you request. Brigdegap saves you money as finding and negotiating your best lease is a complex process. We save you time and money while protecting your interest every step of the process.


Both in finding you the best existing properties as well as yet to be developed properties (build to suit and speculative built) we can guide you in your best route. Make use of our experience to navigate through the unclear real estate market and the shaky corresponding agreements. We understand that making a real estate decision today is an answer to your future needs. A great starting point is a powerful foundation for the future.


Renegotiating your existing lease(s) with your landlord(s) is all about creating a firm leverage position. We are your in-field eyes and ears as we know the position of your landlord and know what competition is doing. Our focus is always on creating the most favourable terms and align your new agreement with the market standard, both commercial and legal.

Consultancy and advisory services

Our team can offer a broad range of cut-and-dried consultancy services, such as: portfolio analysis, market analysis, sale & leaseback structures, commercial due diligence, commercial underwriting, purchase etc. By making use of our collective partners we can help you with nearly any real estate related question. Please challenge us.